Why Us?

An EPOS Stock System designed specifically to make
the management of clothing and footwear easy

“For someone using a ‘general (non-size/colour) system’ like we used to, I’d certainly recommend that they move over to Top to Toe”

Mr Cricket (Sportswear)

“5 stars all round, great product and you couldn’t ask to speak to friendlier people.”

Eccleshall Saddlery (Equestrian)

“Even the new sales assistants can adapt to Top to Toe within minutes.”

Pie Clothing (Fashion)

“Top to Toe have greatly helped us manage & develop our stock system over the last few years. Their helpful & knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help.”

Tacklebag (Sportswear)

“Once the products are on Top to Toe, it’s very easy to then put those products onto a website.”

Angels Uniforms (Schoolwear)

“Friendly EPOS, insightful reporting facilities, seamless website integration and a friendly customer care & training team.”

RunPod (Footwear)

“Cannot praise the technical team enough, whenever we have issues they are always on hand, efficient, quick and get the problem resolved quickly! Excellent service.”

Sheen Sports (Sportswear)

“We used to do stock management manually. Top to Toe came to make such a big difference to all of our staff.”

Uniform 4 Kids (Schoolwear)

“Top to Toe has a really easy way of spotting trends – I’m able to identify what sizes, colours and styles are selling best. It’s intuitive, anyone can use it”

Claudio Lugli (Fashion)

“Incredibly easy to use, saving me hours upon hours per week. It’s both transformed my business and my day-to-day tasks.”

Michael Leigh Menswear (Fashion)

“Top to Toe was a revelation – we run much more efficiently now. We couldn’t run our business in the current climate without it”

Burrs Shoes (Footwear)

“Within seconds you can find things incredibly quickly using Top to Toe’s filter. Previously, we were trawling through lines and lines of data”

Uniform 4 Kids (Schoolwear)

Why Top to Toe?

EPOS and stock management system; linking tills, websites and analysis
across the cloud (since 1986).


Built specifically around the needs of size/ colour retailers

In the same way a bike could get you from London to Manchester,
an ‘off the shelf’ non-specialist system will also manage your stock!

Most of us however, appreciate that bikes aren’t commonly used for such distances, and most clothing, footwear and sportswear retailers appreciate that their set up and size/ colour products require a rather different operation to that of a café, restaurant or hotel. This is why Top to Toe, the specialist system in the UK and Ireland, boasts an incredibly high retention rate:
In five years, 1% of Top to Toe clients have moved to another system, whereas 50% of last year’s new clients moved from another system to Top to Toe.

"The most logical and easiest system I have ever used. My team enjoy it. It’s a doddle, a walk in the park… I call it the iOS of retail systems"

David Ives (Footwear)

Customisable, unified reporting hub

As you lay out your house in the way it suits you, Top to Toe retailers are customising their systems in the way they want to. This allows them to quickly get their desired information out of Top to Toe, without having to go through menu, to submenu, to submenu. If you want your master screen to show profit, for example, you’ll see profit.

"The most logical and easiest system I have ever used. My team enjoy it. It’s a doddle, a walk in the park… I call it the iOS of retail systems"

David Ives (Footwear)

Simple navigation

Your one, customiseable screen has one simple navigation tool – the right click. If you want to ‘filter’ by supplier, it’s one click away! If you want to add stock into a size/ colour entry grid, it’s one click away! If you want to print personalised barcoded labels, it’s one click away!

"It’s simple, it’s easy. If I can do it, anybody can"

Shabbir Nurmohamed (Schoolwear)

Unbeatable efficiency

Top to Toe runs ‘speed and ease of use tests’, whereby clothing, footwear and sportswear retailers will themselves rate Top to Toe against other EPOS systems. Whether it’s speed of stock entry, running reports, general ease of use, multi-channel web linking, all retailers who have taken the test rate Top to Toe higher than all of its competitors.

Why? Because our whole system has been built around the specific needs of not retailers in general, but clothing, footwear and sportswear retailers!

What another system will do in one hour, Top to Toe guarantees we will do the same task in less than half the speed* – what would you do with a few hours spare per week?

"Incredibly easy to use, saving me hours upon hours per week. It's both transformed my business and my day-to-day tasks"

Michael Rothman (Menswear)

Multi-channel web linking

We understand that in the ever changing, ever evolving retail world, eCommerce is getting bigger and bigger every day. So we’ve invested the past five years in perfecting our links with popular channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon and many more.

We do not charge thousands like our competitors – eBay and Amazon ‘slow seller links’ are actually free, and links to bespoke websites are only £7 per week.

Our clients are opening up multiple shops, all synchronised with their shop stock levels, for £1 per day each. Their return on investment on this is business transforming!

"It’s simple, it’s easy. If I can do it, anybody can"

Shabbir Nurmohamed (Schoolwear)

Unlimited personal training and support

Top to Toe doesn’t provide its clients with a system and say “Good luck with it, bye bye”. Our dedicated, expert one-to-one trainers are there to hold your hand during the whole set-up process and ensure you’re getting the most out of Top to Toe throughout your time with us. Once comfortable, our friendly Customer Care team continue to support you with any queries – we’re always here and happy to have a chat.

"You couldn’t ask to speak to friendlier people"

Nick Poole (Equestrian)

"Excellent customer service. You excel at giving support to your clients"

Phil Tindall

"Cannot praise the technical team enough - always on hand, efficient and quick"

Nick Giffen (Sportswear)

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