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The Specialist EPOS for School Uniform Retailers

Introducing Top to Toe’s specialist Schoolwear EPOS system: designed for retailers to master size, colour and fit variants.
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Is your EPOS system as uniform as your products?

Well-structured EPOS for Schoolwear retailers, clearly displaying your clothing and footwear variants in size and colour matrix grids.
"I get regular calls from EPOS companies - I could not leave the family of Top to Toe"
Bateman's Sports and Schoolwear
“If you’re in Schoolwear, then this is the system you need to have”
Daniel Britto
Schoolwear retail POS system - Koolskools
“We can always get an immediate response - we rate that highly”
Andy Ashcroft

Organise your stock, effortlessly

The problem

Schoolwear items often come in multiple sizes and colours. As you sell plenty of items, you’re also selling thousands and thousands of product variants.

Generic EPOS systems present each variant separately, resulting in your School Uniform store EPOS becoming a never-ending list of variants, making it complex and time consuming to do any meaningful stock, sales or order analysis.

Your solution

Top to Toe is not generic – we have designed our system as a specialist EPOS for Schoolwear retailers.
Whether viewing products as a whole, or as a breakdown of their variants in clear size and colour matrix grids – you choose. No lists – it’s exactly how you’d want a School Uniform shop EPOS to work.

Matrix grid view for Schoolwear retail products in size and colour
“Creating a product with all its colour and size variants takes no more than 30 seconds”
Ryan Chinn
schoolwear pos reporting
“The Top to Toe system has proven so much more efficient than our previous systems. Top to Toe ticks all the boxes we need as a Schoolwear retailer”
Callum Rowley
School’s In Uniform

Variation handling made easy

The problem
Schoolwear retailers face a unique challenge in supplying uniforms to various schools, ages and genders. With hundreds of products turning into thousands of variants, not every school outfitter’s EPOS system is equipped to handle this.
Your solution
Top to Toe goes beyond “just” handling variants – whether it be reports or getting a clear picture of what needs to be restocked. With our unique 7D technology, effortlessly filter your products by school, gender or type, as well as view the data the way you want to – be it a bar graph, pie chart or a simple list. Jobs that would take over an hour with a non-specialist system can now be done in minutes.

Get to know your customer data

The problem
As a local supplier serving hundreds, you often get parents asking: “What did my child have last year? In what size?”, or “Can you keep a shirt aside for my child when it comes in and text me when I can collect it?”. Unless your customer data is organised, it’s not always easy to answer these questions, nor automatically fulfil such requests.
Your solution
Being a Schoolwear EPOS system specialist, we deliver a powerful and straightforward customer database. View each parent’s purchase history, track any goods they need laid away and place back orders quickly. Keeping in touch with your clients increases footfall and profitability. With Top to Toe you can use the data to set up targeted text and email communications as you require.
EPOS CRM - Customer Management and Customer Loyalty
"Top to Toe enables us to engage with our customers. Keeping their purchase history is also fantastic for us and it's a real point of difference"
Geoff Ross
Sporting Feet

Having an EPOS system for your school uniform store that’s built for purpose means time saved, clearer reporting, better buying and an easier life.

If you’d like to have a chat with one of our friendly team, you can call us on 020 3376 5888 or if you’d like to book an online walkthrough to see our Schoolwear EPOS system in action, simply click on the button below.