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An EPOS system built around your needs, to save you time

Save time and increase profits using our matrix grids.

"The speed in which I can create a product with all its variants is phenomenal"
Paul Myers
Trotter & Deane Menswear
"I save so many hours every week thanks to Top to Toe’s eCommerce integration. Probably days"
"Top to Toe has increased our profitability - it’s given us the confidence to grow the business"
Vanessa Kenley,

Create and manage products in minutes

The problem

We understand that in Fashionwear retail, your products change season by season. It is therefore important to have a Fashion EPOS system that allows you to create products (including all sizes and colours) within a minute or two.
However, the majority of EPOS systems are designed more generically (rather than for Fashionwear retail specifically), and require you to create each variant, one by one, inefficiently taking up your time – when you’ve got a business to grow!

Your solution

Top to Toe’s Fashion EPOS system is not generic. Once you’ve selected a product’s colour and size range, it will automatically create the whole product in a clear matrix grid structure. Such efficiency not only results in saved time, but also enables much more intuitive stock, sales and order reports.

Trotter & Deane - Fashionwear EPOS system
"Because Top to Toe is built for fashion, I can create a product with all its variants in seconds and get it straight onto our website in a couple of clicks"
Paul Myers
Trotter & Deane
Colmers Hill Fashion - Fashionwear POS system with eCommerce integrations
"Thanks to the eCommerce integration, I save so many hours every week. Probably days, actually”
Penny Callaghan
Colmers Hill Fashion

Online sales are now easier than ever before

The problem
Most EPOS systems don’t make it too easy to get your fast-moving products onto your website. It’s often a multi-step process, which requires the manual joining of ‘back office products’ with your ‘website products’ and sometimes third-parties will be called in too.
Your solution
Top to Toe’s EPOS for Fashion retailers integrates seamlessly to one or multiple websites and without any third parties. All from within our system, simply click on a product and choose whether you want Top to Toe to create a product listing (including images) on your own website, eBay, Amazon and others!

Keep customers coming back for more

The problem
Customers have a vast array of purchasing choices, yet you want them to come back to you again and again.
Your solution
Top to Toe’s EPOS for Fashion stores tracks every customer purchase and records customer statistics such as birthdays, anniversaries and favourite brands. Savvy retailers use this information to keep in touch with their customers with timely reminders, special promotions and birthday discounts, encouraging customers to keep coming back, spending with each visit.
Vixen Boutique - client of Top to Toe EPOS
"We're so happy with the customer management system - it has enabled us to engage our customers in various loyalty programs"
Brenda O'Donnell
Vixen Boutique
epos chart fashionwear

Stay up to date with our Fashion EPOS Reports

The problem

In fashion retail, not every product sells, but this information is ‘lost’ in a sea of size and colour data that’s hard to assess. As standard EPOS systems don’t offer insightful or comprehensive Fashionwear reporting, slow sellers often end up being sold in the sale at significantly reduced margins. 

Your solution
With a purpose-built EPOS for Fashion stores, Top to Toe’s reporting and matrix layouts make it easy to see what’s really happening and to take action. Rather than be reactive, pricing slow sellers in the ‘sale’ (say, at 50% off), Top to Toe clients use our Fashion EPOS system to be proactive – using silent sales, early season promotions, staff incentives and far earlier and smaller price reductions (say, 10% or 20% off). This means you sell out of many slow sellers before they need to be drastically reduced in the end of season winter or summer sales. We know the difference this extra margin makes to your bottom line, so Top to Toe continues to provide the sell-through and best vs worst sellers reports that you need to make the most profit you can from your products.

Having an EPOS system for your fashion store that’s built for purpose means time saved, clearer reporting, better buying and an easier life.

If you’d like to have a chat with one of our friendly team, you can call us on 020 3376 5888 or if you’d like to book an online walkthrough to see our Fashion EPOS system in action, simply click on the button below.