Electronic Point of Sale software that is easy to use and beautifully efficient

A front end that goes far beyond processing till transactions

Popular till functionality

EPOS transactions

Undoubtedly an Electronic Point of Sale’s main purpose, Top to Toe till software is clear and easy to use. Whether your product’s barcoded labels are produced by your suppliers or your own Top to Toe system, simply scan and your Electronic Point of Sale will register, process and record the sale.

Customer loyalty

After using your Electronic Point of Sale to create a customer account in seconds, loyalty points can be built up (at a rate that you customise) every time the customer returns to buy. The customer can later pay for products using their loyalty points, bringing them back again and again.

Stock view

Rather than presenting a long list of 20 or 30 separate product variations, our matrix grids are far, far clearer. Stock positions are live and you can instantly access all available stock at a glance – both at your current shop and also at any other locations.


By amount or by percentage, for one item or many, Top to Toe tills allow busy shop staff, if authorised, to swiftly discount exactly what’s needed, allowing them to add ‘discount reasons’. You’re in control and can see exactly who gave discounts, why, when and for which products.

Other widely used EPOS functions

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