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EPOS Multi-Store Management

Managing several stores has never been easier than when you are using Top to Toe EPOS systems – stock, order, sales analysis, customer tracking and eCommerce Management all-in-one!

With Top to Toe, you can easily manage stock levels across outlets and auto-allocate eCommerce orders to stores that have a stock surplus.

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"Before we had Top to Toe, we had four shops. Since we’ve had Top to Toe, we’ve been able to expand to eleven shops"
Lazy Jacks
Gayle Robinson

Top to Toe’s unique and dynamic matrix grids are a game changer for multi-store retailers

Transforming stock allocation decision-making from minutes to seconds, thanks to Top to Toe’s unique matrix formats
– unlike the ‘list views’ of conventional systems  

Dynamic Matrix Grids

With Top to Toe’s game-changing matrix grids, multi-store retailers can effortlessly make quick and tactical transfers

Empower your Team

Keep all staff up to date on what stock is available at each store location and across each online channel

Auto-allocate Web Sales

Enhance your inventory management by having your web sales automatically allocated to locations with ‘surplus’ stock

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Transfers and Multi-Store Order Management

Top to Toe’s layout provides the clarity to make fast transfer decisions needed to optimise stock levels across multiple stores, every day or every week.

  • Visibility: Top to Toe’s matrix grids give you the necessary product understanding and overview to make speedy and informed transfers between locations. No need to pre-print reports – the vital decision-supporting data you need is available on the same screen
  • Don’t miss sales due to un-optimised stock levels: any decisions you make centrally are automatically logged and distributed digitally or printed as transfer dockets
  • Smart orders and transfers: Top to Toe automatically generates suggested transfers and purchase orders based on your multi-store inventory and sales history, saving you hours and hours of work

Powerful Multi-Store Inventory Management Software

With Top to Toe’s matrix grids delivering well-structured multi-store stock management, ensure you constantly have the best distribution of stock across your multiple locations.

  • Give your team a multi-store inventory overview: using Top to Toe EPOS tills, your staff can view stock availability across locations, clearly broken down in matrix grids
  • Equip your staff with transfers: if an item is ‘out of stock’, your team can use Top to Toe to check inventory levels at other stocked locations and request a transfer
  • Know every detail: stocking products with several variants across multiple stores gathers a massive amount of data. Top to Toe structures this data in digestible matrix grids
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"With two shops and an online store, Top to Toe unifies it all together and makes it easy to manage"
Paul Myers
Trotter & Deane

eCommerce integration and synchronisation

Multi-store eCommerce integration is a crucial part of organised inventory management. Top to Toe automates most of the work, allowing your team to focus on serving customers.

  • Auto-allocate web sales: Top to Toe will assign eCommerce sales to stock locations with a known stock ‘surplus’
  • Automatic notifications sent to staff: the Top to Toe EPOS tills notify your team as soon as stock needs to kept aside for an eCommerce sale
  • Multi-channel inventory management and assessment: have the business overview you want with Top to Toe’s matrix grid stock and sales reporting, clearly broken down by shop and web channel

Integrate all your stores in one EPOS system

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