Stock lookups and transfers between branches couldn’t be easier

Organise strategic transfers from your central hub– shops can also see stock at other shops and organise inter-branch transfers

Informed EPOS till transfers

At your tills, staff can instantly see other shop’s stock availability so as to maximise sales. Staff can even organise their own inter-location transfers.

Streamlined web sale fulfilment

Top to Toe can auto-allocate each web sale to locations with a stock ‘surplus’. Instant shop messaging tells staff which products to reserve or transfer against web sales. Dispatch paperwork and courier links come as standard.

Informed HQ buying

Top to Toe’s unique IAT technology provides buyers and merchandisers with instant access to data and a far greater precision than they can achieve with any other stock management system.

Informed HQ inter-shop transfer decisions

Informed transfer decisions can only be made efficiently when all the supporting data you need is available alongside the transfers input interface. IAT technology delivers exactly this – per location and per variant, with key sales and performance data… and with automated algorithms that can even create the transfers for you.

Total shop/web synchronisation

Top to Toe is constantly adjusting the stock availability displayed on all your tills and websites; whilst IAT technology at your HQ hub provides clear and precise information so you can maximise profitability per channel, and streamline cost savings.

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