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Once I order a Top to Toe system, what happens next?

“Here’s a system, good luck and goodbye” is not what you want to hear from your chosen EPOS company at the start of the set up process. There will inevitably be questions and challenges along your journey. What you do want in the initial stages (and beyond) is guidance and support from friendly, experienced trainers, who know exactly how to set up an EPOS system.

Top to Toe have the partnership ethos described above, which is why we believe we have the highest client retention rate in the UK and Ireland – 99.5%.

In this article:

– Your first week

– Your initial learning phase

– Ongoing support and care

Your first week…

Once we officially welcome you on board as a new Top to Toe client, you will get a welcome call from our Head of One-to-One Training – he introduce himself and the department before assigning you your new #1 contact – your own dedicated, one-to-one trainer.

Meanwhile our Technical Support Team will be preparing the software and (if ordered) hardware side of your implementation. Our Accounts and Customer Care teams will also be working to ensure you have a smooth and speedy installation process.

The initial learning phase…

Your own dedicated, experienced one-to-one trainer will be alongside you online as you enter your first products and report on your first sales. The primary role of your trainer is to understand your business and ensure you get the most value out of Top to Toe.

There is no limit on training time – they’re all yours!

Ongoing support and care…

After your initial one-to-one training sessions, you will be more than familiar with the systems functionality. Need any help or advice? No problem – our Training, Customer Care, Technical Support teams are all still there to help anytime you need them! They are all on tap via your trainer, just tell your personal system trainer what you need and they will ensure it’s all dealt with for you.

You’ll have their direct numbers.


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