Card terminal integrations (FPOS)

Card terminal integrations (FPOS)

The PIN pad

It can be very useful to have a credit/ debit card PIN pad that is integrated with the EPOS system till. This integration means that your card machine PIN pad will automatically display the transaction total (rather than you having to manually type it in) and the customers ‘approval’ is automatically relayed back to the till so that the transaction can be processed speedily, without errors.

As of today, we integrate with Europe’s two major merchant service providers: Paymentsense and Verifone.

The fees

The good news is that whichever card terminal integration you choose, it does not affect the percentage fees you pay for credit card transactions – whatever percentage you currently pay for customer transactions should remain the same.

If you have a card terminal that is not supported by Paymentsense or Verifone, then contact us on 020 3376 5888 – we can give you an idea of when we will link with your current card machine provider.

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