Can I use my own hardware?

Can I use my own hardware?

In all probability, yes. Most touchscreens, scanners and cash drawers can be used with Top to Toe till software, so if you already have these then they are probably fine to use.

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  • What operating systems do you support?
  • Touchscreen/monitor
  • Barcode scanners
  • Cash drawers
  • Receipt printers

What operating systems do you support?

Our till software is Windows friendly (we recommend Windows 10 or above)

Our main hub system currently supports Apple IOS and our till software will support this in 2021

Touchscreen/ monitor:

Almost any touchscreen or standard monitor can be supported

Barcode scanners:

Most USB and bluetooth scanners are compatible with Top to Toe software. We can check compatibility, and in the event you need an inexpensive replacement, we can provide brand new, modern, reliable scanners.

Cash drawers:

Technically cash drawers are usually very similar. It’s unlikely, but if you find yourself with a cash drawer that isn’t generic, then we can supply one as part of your order

Receipt printers:

As with most tills, your receipt printer must be OPOS compatible to work with Top to Toe.
Popular models we are compatible with: most Epson models, and the Star TSP100 range
For more information on our hardware packages, visit our page What hardware package options are there, and which is the best?.
If you are building a package yourself on our Top to Toe Pricing page, then select ‘I will use my own hardware’ when reviewing hardware options.

For your own bespoke quotation in under two minutes, click the ‘Build my package’ button below

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