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Why does Top to Toe EPOS cost what it does?

Software doesn’t come at a cost. It’s already there. It’s already been developed. So why does EPOS software come at a cost? Why do we charge the price we do? Why not buy the cheapest system you can find? Why do retailers choose to invest in their EPOS system, 99.5% of which remain a client of Top to Toe for many, many years?

  • Well software development never stops – we are constantly re-investing in more automation, even smoother usage and advanced features.
  • Retailers want to put the Europe’s most efficient ‘EPOS heart’ into the centre of their business
  • Our clients benefit from partnership support. Our technical team bring same day results.
  • Our client’s development requests are acted upon, not ignored. We are all one team.
  • Our clients get further than their competitors, both in shop and online sales.
  • In the end, it’s a simple EPOS cost/ EPOS benefit analysis. The right system can save you thousands and also make you thousands – it’s a double whammy.
  • System costs tend to differ by relatively small amounts per month, perhaps the price of a meal out, but the different results can be absolutely massive – thousands and thousands of pounds over a year!

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