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What website platforms and online marketplaces can I link with?

Can I link my EPOS system with my eCommerce website? #

Most EPOS systems can integrate with at least some eCommerce website platforms, either directly or indirectly. For a more technical breakdown on the workings of such website integrations, visit our page ‘What is an integration and how do they work?’.

In this article: #

  • Major eCommerce website platforms
  • Major online marketplaces
  • Cost of a website link to an EPOS system

Major eCommerce website platforms: #

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Visualsoft, Big Commerce, OpenCart and Liquidshop

Major online marketplaces: #

eBay and Amazon

Remember, if you have a website that is not listed above, then your EPOS system should be able to build a low cost ‘CSV link’ for you so it can integrate automatically.

Costs of an EPOS system link to an eCommerce website #

Don’t get surprised with a low grade link or a £2,000 eCommerce linking bill once you’ve signed with an EPOS system! Early on, ask what costs are involved. Whilst Top to Toe only charge a few pounds per week, other systems can surprise their clients with humungous linkage fees and a ‘one link limit’.

And remember… there are comprehensive website links, and then there are a whole range of inferior one-way only, partial, indirect and CSV links.

You can learn more about the web linking process and how your business changes with a link to websites. Simply click the ‘Explore website linking’ button below.