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What EPOS integrations should I consider?

An integration is designed specifically to take away the manual work, so any link between software you wish to use is something you should consider. An EPOS integration is a ‘link’ between your EPOS system and another software.

In this article: #

  • Website integrations?
  • Accounts integrations?
  • Slow-seller integrations?

Do we recommend an EPOS integration with your website? Absolutely! #

To keep an accurate website without an automatic link requires you to manually adjust the website’s stock figures every time you make a sale in the shop! The workload doubles and triples if you’re selling stock across eBay and/ or Amazon too.

For all practical purposes, it’s impossible to keep web stock accurate without a good link, and from a good EPOS system – this will make the difference between businesses that succeed on the web and those that struggle to keep up with their competitors.

Do we recommend an EPOS integration with your accounts package? Of course! #

Yes, its very helpful when you need to prepare your quarterly VAT return (MTD) and even more essential if you want to update your accounts package daily or weekly.

Do we recommend ‘slow-seller shifter integrations’ such as Amazon/ eBay? We do! #

So long as your suppliers don’t have restrictions, why not throw a slow-seller onto eBay or Amazon in a few clicks using your multi-channel EPOS system? Sometimes you’ll only break even, but the money is in your pocket rather than in the dust-gathering stock where more profitable products could be. It’s also really useful for ‘end of lines’.

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