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Cost vs benefit analysis at a glance

What are the advantages of an EPOS system?

Below we explore some of the many ways Top to Toe covers it’s cost and then some!

Revolution #1: Save time
Our clients report a lot more than a seven hour per week saving on keeping records accurate and complete. It’s all automatic with Top to Toe.

Revolution #2: An easy life
Our clients report that running the business is so much easier with Top to Toe. From till transactions, to reports, to loading up your accounting software – it’s seconds, not hours.

Revolution #3: greater profit margins
Top to Toe clients have clear and detailed reports that inform their buying, pricing and discounting decisions. They buy what actually sells, rather than sell what they happen to buy.

Revolution #4: Go places you’ll otherwise never get to
Many, many profit generating jobs just don’t normally get done. Review your best seller by profitability, make weekly decisions about your poor sellers, review a supplier’s performance over the last three seasons, to name just a few examples.

Revolution #5: more sales / reach the next level of retail
Our clients are literally selling on multiple eCommerce channels whilst they’re asleep. They’re also sending out targeted texts/ and emails to their customer base. All of this, made possible by Top to Toe, takes you to the next level of retail!

Summary of Top to Toe EPOS advantages:

  • One hour a day saved
  • An easier life
  • Greater profit margins
  • Go places you’ll otherwise never get to
  • More sales / reach the next level of retail

Cost: approximately £2-£5 per day

Any one of the above EPOS advantages covers the cost, which is why the average client stays with Top to Toe EPOS for many, many years.

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