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The Best EPOS for Footwear Retailers

Finally, a Footwear EPOS system that is a comfortable fit!

Sole searching for a new EPOS system?

User-friendly EPOS for Footwear retailers, clearly structuring your shoe variants in size and colour matrix grids.

"In my 25 years of retail experience, I have to say that Top to Toe is the best system I've ever used"
Stephen Ryrie
White & Son Shoes
"Top to Toe would save me about two hours a day at busy times compared with my previous system"
Ellie Dickins
Ellie Dickins Shoes
"I’ve been in the footwear business for over 40 years, and Top to Toe is still the best there is"
Graeme Preswell
Howorth's Shoes
“We sell footwear which comes in sizes and colours. Top to Toe’s system is excellent for that!”
Geoff Ross
Sporting Feet

Organising your size variations in an EPOS system designed for footwear retail

The problem
You face a unique challenge. If your average pair of shoes has two colours and ten sizes (a total of 20 variants), every product has 20 ever-changing stock, sales, and order figures. The data grows further if your shoes are sold in various widths too. So just one product alone is hard enough to report on!

The bad news is that almost all EPOS systems aren’t specialists for footwear, so the generic system will list every product variant separately, making it very difficult to do any meaningful analysis. The good news is that we, at Top to Toe, have designed our EPOS for footwear retailers, making the handling of footwear products beyond easy!

Your solution
Working closely with footwear retailers for over 35 years, our system structure allows you to handle your shoe variants with true clarity. Multi-dimensional matrix grids that manage size, colour and fit result in speedy product creation and stock entry, as well as structured reporting so you can make informed buying, pricing, and discounting decisions.

A single, fluid interface that reports on your shoes at the level you choose

The problem
Sometimes you want to report on your footwear brands, sometimes seasons, maybe suppliers and even type. Often, you’re interested in sales performance, but to make informed purchasing decisions from these reports, it’s also important to be able to see stock and ‘on order’ figures alongside the sales data.
Due to the fragmented, menu-based structure of most generic EPOS systems, stock, sales and orders are often in different reporting areas. Without seeing the data together (and clearly laid out), it’s very difficult for you as a footwear retailer to get the big picture you need.

Your solution
We’re very proud to be providing our clients with the only EPOS system (we’ve come across) with 7D Technology. Using Top to Toe’s purpose-built footwear store EPOS, you can apply filters of choice to the reporting columns and view the filtered data in the form that you choose (e.g., straight figures, bar charts or pie charts).
You will absolutely love the reporting flexibility and customisability you can get in just one or two clicks from one fluid, dynamic interface.

Seamless integration between your shoe store EPOS and eCommerce website!

The problem
If you’ve previously tried to integrate your EPOS system with your own eCommerce platform, you’ll know that it’s not always as simple as ‘plug and play’. Every retailer’s website is structured differently, therefore some human attention is often needed.
Most EPOS systems allocate the integration to a third-party company. As well as later surprising you with a very large fee, having two companies involved can result in you hearing both “Speak to your EPOS provider about the integration” and “No, speak to your third-party integrator about this”.

Your solution
Footwear retailers using Top to Toe put their best foot forward with tried and tested integrations, used by hundreds of clients over the UK and Ireland. We don’t use third-party integrators and we pour all the hours you need into ensuring your shoe store links with your eCommerce platform the way you want it to.

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“Top to Toe don't use third-party web linkers - they integrate directly”
Ellie Dickins
Ellie Dickins Shoes
footwear-epos-system (1)
“The integration is seamless - everything syncs up perfectly”
Luke Presswell
Howorth’s Shoes

Why not become multi-channel? You can fire your slow-selling products onto other channels like eBay or Amazon in just a click, all from within your new Footwear system: Top to Toe EPOS!