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EPOS and stock management system Linking tills, websites and analysis across the cloud (since 1986).

“For someone using a ‘general (non-size/colour) system’ like we used to, I’d certainly recommend that they move over to Top to Toe”

Mr Cricket (Sportswear)

“5 stars all round, great product and you couldn’t ask to speak to friendlier people.”

Eccleshall Saddlery (Equestrian)

“Even the new sales assistants can adapt to Top to Toe within minutes.”

Pie Clothing (Fashion)

“Top to Toe have greatly helped us manage & develop our stock system over the last few years. Their helpful & knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help.”

Tacklebag (Sportswear)

“Once the products are on Top to Toe, it’s very easy to then put those products onto a website.”

Angels Uniforms (Schoolwear)

“Friendly EPOS, insightful reporting facilities, seamless website integration and a friendly customer care & training team.”

RunPod (Footwear)

“Cannot praise the technical team enough, whenever we have issues they are always on hand, efficient, quick and get the problem resolved quickly! Excellent service.”

Sheen Sports (Sportswear)

“We used to do stock management manually. Top to Toe came to make such a big difference to all of our staff.”

Uniform 4 Kids (Schoolwear)

“Top to Toe has a really easy way of spotting trends – I’m able to identify what sizes, colours and styles are selling best. It’s intuitive, anyone can use it”

Claudio Lugli (Fashion)

“Incredibly easy to use, saving me hours upon hours per week. It’s both transformed my business and my day-to-day tasks.”

Michael Leigh Menswear (Fashion)

“Top to Toe was a revelation – we run much more efficiently now. We couldn’t run our business in the current climate without it”

Burrs Shoes (Footwear)

“Within seconds you can find things incredibly quickly using Top to Toe’s filter. Previously, we were trawling through lines and lines of data”

Uniform 4 Kids (Schoolwear)

Specialist formats

See for yourself!

  1. Does this product have more blues or reds?
  2. Is there a size with nothing in any colour?

Same information, different format.

General systems present most data in a list. Top to Toe is different and uses a matrix throughout!

Stock Management System

A style made just once in Top to Toe will automatically appear on your tills, your mobile devices and the websites you select, at the prices you select. Stock positions will be automatically syncronised across your entire company, so a sale made anywhere changes the stock on all sites automatically. Now there is no limit – you can have hundreds of products on scores of websites.

The very high cost of manual

Every style on every website needs its stock position updating at least two or three times daily. So by the time you have just 50 styles on the web it could be taking you many hours each day to update manually. But your business has hundreds of styles, and the web has scores of marketplaces where they could be sold. Managed manually it’s a nearly impossible task.

Benefits of a one screen, one click system

For over a year now, we’ve started running speed and ease of use tests. Clothing/ Footwear retailers will rate Top to Toe vs their current system on reporting, ease of use, stock entry, features and web linking. So far, Top to Toe have lost zero. Yes, not one retailer has rated another system higher!

What would have taken 1 day can now be done in 1 hour.

Knowledge delivers profits

With Top To Toe giving you clear and easy access to precise information, you can act decisively and make smarter decisions to stay ahead of the competition. The stock accumulated from previous seasons can be identified and sold off, freeing up £5,000, £15,000 or more… Continuity lines need never run out; best/worst sellers information used to fine-tune prices, discounts and what’s sold on the web; your purchase orders are fine-tuned, your suppliers refined. Your business is more efficient… your profit grows.

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