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Stock Management

Stock management and reporting structure is what differentiates one EPOS system from another.

Effective stock management comes from having an EPOS system specifically designed to handle your products.

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"If you have products with size and colour variations, then Top to Toe is the only way to go"
Tony Stone
Emmett & Stone







Why is Top to Toe EPOS different?

Not all data is useful – you need precise and meaningful information that can be used to really drive your business forward.


Unlike most fragmented EPOS systems, we offer a unified system where you can manage stock with all your data clearly displayed across one single screen


With an EPOS system built to handle products with multiple variants, you will have a much clearer picture of your stock management


Day-to-day stock management tasks take minutes (not hours) with a fast, flexible, and dynamic EPOS system

"Creating a product with all its different colour and size variants takes no more than 30 seconds"
Ryan Chinn

Inventory Management

EPOS systems offer different ways of managing inventory. With Top to Toe, inventory management is made much easier as the system has been built specifically to handle product variants.

  • Informed Buying: flexible and customisable, you can instantly run the reports you need to assist with any purchasing decisions
  • Efficiency: built for purpose – inventory management that facilitates stock input and barcode production in seconds
  • Foolproof processing: our matrix grids make your inventory levels easy to understand and ensures accuracy at any given time

Stock Control

Stock control built to handle size and colour variants to give a clear picture and ensure accurate levels of stock. No more stock surplus or missing out on sales.

  • Avoid Overbuying: stock, sales and order figures of each product are laid out in one simple matrix grid to easily assess your levels of stock
  • Informed Pricing: a comprehensive and clear stock management system that lets you use stock and sales reports to pinpoint the perfect price point
  • Mindful Discounting: make up-to-date decisions when managing your stock – know what to discount, when to discount it and by how much
"In my thirty-nine years of experience, I would say that Top to Toe has been the most efficient system that we have put in place"
Tim Smith
Bat & Ball Sports
multi store ecommerce
"We have 11 stores - Top to Toe's process to organise transfers is really concise and easy to use"
Gayle Robinson
Lazy Jacks

Multi-store Stock Management

Selling products with multiple variants means juggling a lot of data. Having these products across multiple stores can make it even more difficult to handle. Top to Toe offers multi-store stock management with the clarity needed to make easy decisions.

  • Multi-store stock lookup: with our EPOS tills, your staff can instantly see stock availability across multiple stores to maximise sales
  • Stock transfers across stores: simultaneous stock management, with a well-structured view of product variants across a matrix grid, will allow your staff to make up-to-speed transfer decisions
  • Automated web sale fulfilment: our system will automatically allocate website sales to the correct stores and notify staff via instant messaging

“Top to Toe is underpriced. There, I said it. Because, unlike other systems, Top to Toe is built for clothing and footwear at its very core, and on top of a fantastically efficient product and stellar one-to-one support, Top to Toe has grown my business in ways it couldn’t have done without it. Other systems I used before got me by, just about, but Top to Toe moved me forward”

Ives Footwear

eCommerce Integration

Getting your products seen by a wider audience is more manageable than ever with Top to Toe’s automatic eCommerce integration.

  • Have a direct eCommerce integration: Our EPOS system has eCommerce integrations built in and doesn’t require additional software and services from third parties
  • Don’t be limited to single-channel eCommerce integration: With Top to Toe you can integrate with channels beyond your own eCommerce platform, such as Amazon and eBay
  • Your eCommerce integration should do the work:Our efficient EPOS system will automatically fire through new products to your website, sparing you the need for extra manual work
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