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eCommerce Integration

Complete EPOS eCommerce integration allows you to directly fire products from your EPOS system onto multiple eCommerce platforms for web linking.

This will automatically synchronise the ‘available stock’ in your shop with what is showing online. 

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Simply Integrate your eCommerce website
with our EPOS System

Offering a unique combination of eCommerce and web linking features, Top to Toe can create products,
automatically synchronising them across all shops and websites… effortlessly.

Streamlined Product Creation

As Top to Toe is designed to handle products with multiple variants (such as size and colour), it can automatically create these products in the right format on your own website - plus marketplace websites such as Amazon or eBay

One Step Integration

Top to Toe provides a fully integrated eCommerce link – meaning is it far easier and faster to use than third-party links due to its seamless automation. Across all shops and linked websites, stock and sales positions are all synchronised 24/7

Unified and Seamless

There is no need to make a product in your stock system and then spend precious time defining its format on your website. Top to Toe will create the product for you automatically, and then invisibly keep all your stock positions fully synchronised

ecommerce integration reporting
"The speed in which I can create a product and put it onto our website is phenomenal"
Paul Myers
Trotter & Deane

Manage your eCommerce website through your EPOS system

Although many EPOS systems will integrate with existing website products, most website integrations involve retailers manually formatting the products web layout and/or also manually moving data between the stock and their website. Our Top to Toe EPOS system eCommerce integration is different, making it a highly efficient process for new listings and stock synchronisation.

  • Create products, fast: Top to Toe allows you to create whole products with all their variations in minutes
  • Firing new products is fully automated: once you’ve created a product, Top to Toe can instantly upload it – and its images – to your website, eBay, Amazon and others
  • No third parties: Top to Toe’s one-step integration links your products directly with your websites, without the need for a “middleman”

Manage your eCommerce Stock through your EPOS system

Having effective EPOS eCommerce Stock Management ensures that you are never showing products on your website as ‘in stock’ when they are actually ‘out of stock’ – unless you want to.

  • Stock and Product Sync: as soon as you enter or scan stock into Top to Toe, it can appear as ‘available’ on your website (and on any other linked channel)
  • Auto-updated inventory: if any stock sells in a physical store or on another eCommerce marketplace, Top to Toe will automatically send the updated stock figure to all your sales channels
  • Sales reporting: when an eCommerce sale is made on any linked platform or marketplace, that sale will report clearly in Top to Toe’s matrix grids so you can later assess the product’s performance
Ellie Dickins Shoes - Footwear EPOS system
"Thanks to Top to Toe, when my customers place online orders, it's actually in stock. There’s no disappointment, which is great for our customer service"
Ellie Dickins
Ellie Dickins Shoes
"Without the link between our shop and our website, we wouldn’t be as efficient as we are now"
Andrew Bateman
Batemans Sports
ecommerce orders

Manage your eCommerce orders with your EPOS

EPOS systems with simple and clear eCommerce Order Management allow you manage your web orders together.

  • Unified eCommerce Order Management: Top to Toe organises your web orders all in one place, whether the orders are from your own website, eBay, Amazon or elsewhere
  • Instant shop messaging: staff will be notified via their EPOS till when they are to remove stock from the shelves for a web sale
  • Efficient order fulfilment: auto generate your dispatch paperwork and notify your customers when an order is on its way, all from within Top to Toe

“Top to Toe is underpriced. There, I said it. Because, unlike other systems, Top to Toe is built for clothing and footwear at its very core, and on top of a fantastically efficient product and stellar one-to-one support, Top to Toe has grown my business in ways it couldn’t have done without it. Other systems I used before got me by, just about, but Top to Toe moved me forward”

Ives Footwear

Manage multiple eCommerce stores with one EPOS System

Having a well-structured EPOS system is even more important if you are multi-store or multi-channel.

  • Grow your audience: once you’ve used Top to Toe to fire a product to your website, you can also tell it to sync the product with eBay and Amazon too
  • Customise per channel: use Top to Toe to freely copy or edit your images, descriptions and prices on each platform, all from within Top to Toe – no need to do this on the websites themselves

And if you have multiple physical stores…

  • Automatic web sale allocation: Top to Toe can auto-allocate each web sale to physical shop locations with a stock ‘surplus’
multi-store ecommerce
"It's really easy to to send all your products out onto your own website, eBay, Amazon and others. Everything syncs up perfectly - it's so seamless"
Luke Presswell
Howorth’s Shoes

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