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Customer Management

Bring your customers back again and again with successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Communications and Loyalty Programs
Customer Management epos Systems
"Top to Toe enables us to engage with our customers. Keeping their purchase history is also fantastic for us and it's a real point of difference"
Geoff Ross
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to link customers to the products they have purchased

This means that your EPOS system knows exactly which customers have bought which products,
in which colours, in which sizes, when, where, and for how much.

Loyalty Programs

Ensure customers always feel valued and have a reason to keep coming back. Don’t settle for a one-time customer

Marketing Campaigns

Top to Toe lets you stay connected with customers by email or text. Send updates about your new products and special promotions

Customer Reporting

Not only do you know who is buying and what they are interested in, but also who hasn’t been into your shop in a while


Keep customers happy with customer loyalty programs

Customer Loyalty Programs are a great way to make your customers feel valued, and to keep them returning again and again. Top to Toe EPOS systems make it incredibly easy for you to set up and run your own!

  • Customise your program: with Top to Toe’s loyalty programs, you choose how each loyalty point is earned and you choose what a loyalty point is worth.
  • Reward customer loyalty: encourage your customers to come back to your store again and again by rewarding them with loyalty points for every qualifying purchase
  • Customer Loyalty across your web channels: bring your customers back to buy from your website again and again! With Top to Toe EPOS, your customers can spend their earned loyalty points in store or online

Create marketing campaigns

Use Top to Toe with tailored marketing campaigns to communicate with your customer database, encouraging repeat business with relevant offers or news

  • Personalise your connections: use Top to Toe to send birthday texts or emails with a special discount code or voucher
  • Interest your customers: send news of new stock to customers who have bought similar items previously – keep yourself at the forefront of their minds and they will have one more reason to come back to your store
  • Value your customers: set up loyalty program campaigns in Top to Toe to nurture, appreciate and reward your top customers, inspiring even more visits to your store!

Get powerful customer management reporting with your EPOS system

An EPOS system with CRM goes further than just storing customer data. EPOS customer management reporting gives you the tools you need to market in the right way to the right customers.

  • Know your loyal customers: easily identify the top spenders, most frequent buyers and much more. Some people may not be motivated by offers alone – they may also need news and product updates
  • Understand your customers: using Top to Toe’s real time customer reporting, discover trends that will greatly inform your future purchasing decisions
  • Customer overview: from your Top to Toe dashboard, you’re able to see key figures and how your customer database is growing, so you know what you’re doing right and wrong. Spot customers who are not returning and make sure they do

Make sure your customers come back and spend at least three times every year

A customer visiting an extra few times per year may amount to £250 extra turnover. Just ten customers being brought back like this, over ten years, amounts to £25,000 extra turnover.

EPOS CRM to manage customer accounts

For returning customers you can use Top to Toe to set up an account, giving them a much more personal shopping experience, which will encourage them to keep returning to your store.

  • Record items you ‘lend out’: with Top to Toe’s EPOS CRM, you’re able to keep track of items given to trusted customers on ‘approval’
  • Keep items on hold for customers: within your organised Top to Toe customer database, you’re able to layaway and track items for customers whilst they make down payments
  • Keep Customer Accounts in your CRM: allow your customers to buy items on-account and set a credit limit per customer

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) within an EPOS system records till and eCommerce (website) transactions against customers. This means that your EPOS system knows exactly which customers have bought which products, in which colours, in which sizes, when, where, and for how much. Retailers who have CRM capabilities in their EPOS system can report on their customer’s purchasing patterns and create targeted marketing campaigns, aimed at strengthening loyalty and encouraging their customers to return. Many EPOS systems with CRM will have options for customer loyalty programs. These programs allow customers to earn loyalty points which they can spend on future purchases.

CRM refers to the process in which a business reports on gathered customer data before using the findings to build and strengthen customer relationships. Both data analysis and customer communications are an important part of CRM and how a business nurtures its customer database.
Retailers use EPOS systems with integrated CRM technology to identify trends in their customers’ purchases. These trends can then be used to run targeted marketing campaigns aimed at encouraging repeat business.

Businesses that maintain a well-structured customer database can run precisely targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in more returning customers. If a business can identify which customers like which types of products or services, then they can send the right messages out to the right customers. Furthermore, a business with organised customer management will be able to report on their different types of customers purchasing behaviour, spotting trends, thereby informing future stock buying, pricing and discounting decisions.

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