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Especially for Clothing and Footwear Retailers.

“For someone using a ‘general (non-size/colour) system’ like we used to, I’d certainly recommend that they move over to Top to Toe”

Mr Cricket (Sportswear)

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Eccleshall Saddlery (Equestrian)

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Angels Uniforms (Schoolwear)

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Uniform 4 Kids (Schoolwear)

What is Integration in EPOS Stock Management?

Integration simply means that one system can exchange data with another. Systems have internal integrations linking them all together but the term mostly refers to two separate systems ‘talking’. For example, up to date stock information from an EPOS system moving automatically onto a web site; or sales information from a EPOS stock system moving into an accounts system.

In short: all aspects of your retail business are linked and constantly communicating with each other to make your business run smoother and save you time.

Are all integrations the same?

Some suppliers may have integrations that pre-exist and so can be bought ‘off-the-shelf’, or alternatively they may be able to offer especially designed bespoke integrations. It is important to note that some integrations are very comprehensive and others barely cover basic requirements.

What elements do I need to integrate?

It’s the stock management EPOS system that is the hub around which everything revolves, since it’s the stock management EPOS system that feeds all the others. So check out the links a stock system has available – but if the functions and process of the stock system are not right for your business then you’ll never maximise your businesses potential, no matter how clever the links themselves.  See below for just a few examples of elements you need to integrate:

  • Tills/shops, Your website, Amazon eBay and others, Accounting, Transfers, Warehouse

How do integrations work?

The best integrations use API’s (an Application Program Interface) – these are similar to an agreed language where one system can ask questions and get answers from the other. There are other approaches, but using an API is the best.

API’s not only allow each system to exchange exactly the data that’s required, but this generally happens in virtually real time. However, just as with other aspects of integration, API’s can be very comprehensive or they might be quite basic, allowing only limited question’s and responses.

Is the integration technology important?

Yes, the technology is important since it effects how efficiently and how frequently data is exchanged.

“Top To Toe web integration has opened a whole new world for me, my web business is growing really fast” 

Benefits of the Integration

Understand what works and then sell selectively on different web sites


Minimise manual re-entry into your accounts system

Automate Making Tax Digital

Instant VAT analysis

Boost profitability as you sell on one or many web sites


Break through the glass ceiling limiting manual updating, especially with multiple sizes and colours per style


Keep stock levels accurate on all sites at all times.

Web sales integrated back into your stock system allow you to analyse what’s happening and order accordingly.

Integration saves hours per day and allows you to expand onto multiple sites

Reduce manpower costs – integration maintains synchronised stock positions and finances for a fraction of the cost of doing it manually

See the bigger picture – instead of seeing the shop as one entity and web sales as another, step back and see your business from a more pragmatic perspective.

Sync all data across shops/tills, websites (including Amazon and eBay), accounts and the warehouse so you know the data is always up to date.

EPOS Integration

Everything flows from your stock and sales, so it’s the EPOS system that feeds and responds to all the other systems around it. Some of these may form part of the EPOS systems internal ecosystem, such as tills and mobile devices, but some have to be external, such as web sites like Amazon and Ebay. There are also some integrations that can be internal or external to the stock system.

Everything flows from your stock and sales system

Tills are normally internal but for really large scale systems they can be external. Accounts packages are usually external integrations but some accounts systems have an inbuilt stock system. Some web site platforms may also have a basic stock system built into them.

One way or another however you need a stock system (even if you only use Excel spreadsheets), and it is the stock system that is the starting point for all the other systems. So EPOS system integrations with external systems is becoming vital, but they are only part of the story – if the EPOS stock system at the heart of everything is inappropriate then external integrations are secondary.

So if your a clothing, sports or footwear retailer/etailer then the stock system should be specifically designed to deal with multiple sizes and colours. If it’s not, then whatever you feed to other integrated systems is inherently limited – and your restricted ability to analyse and fully respond to the sales feedback diminishes the performance of your whole businesses.

If you’re a clothing or footwear retailer, whether bricks and mortar, web only or both – you need to ensure that the stock system is the strongest element, not the weakest.

So what is possible with
Top To Toe’s fully integrated system?

As we’ve learnt, the stock system is critical to the health of your business; it’s central to all your integrations. If you’re an apparel retailer then a general system will take hours to load size and colour data that with Top to Toe would otherwise take just minutes – and then Top to Toe automated integrations start to work their magic.

You could put double the labour into a general system and get only 10% – 20% of the benefit.

Top to Toe will automate the links to web sites and accounts. For accounts, assistance with VAT and Making Tax Digital is helpful for almost every retailer. For web links Top to Toe automates the entire process – you can add web pictures and descriptions and Top to Toe will then actually create the product for you on multiple platforms.

This means that a style created in seconds on Top to Toe will automatically appear on all your tills… and also on all your web sites! Whenever anything is sold, anywhere, your web sites are all adjusted automatically. For each sale, Top to Toe creates an automated delivery note and when the product is shipped tells Amazon and eBay that it’s on its way. And if you want an automated link to your courier system then that’s available too.

So you could put double the labour into a general system, and double your pay bill, but still only get 10% – 20% of the benefit. And it’s not only the time taken to input merchandise to a general system that is expensive. Still more costly is the users limited ability to really analyse what’s happening and take timely action.

“Our old system produced endless streams of numbers that we never really made sense of, but Top to Toe produces real information – stuff we can use to make a difference”

 Again and again opportunities get missed when users have the data but cannot see it presented in ways that make intuitive sense, or simply don’t have the time to plough through laborious and cumbersome reporting screens that were never designed to present size and colour information.

So as well as Top to Toe reducing salary bills, it will also empower you get onto more web sites with more styles… and then tell you what works, at what price and where.

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